Knowledge To Take Care Of Your Health

Knowledge is powerful, and with blood testing you can understand your health like never before. You don’t have to wait until you feel sick to take charge of your health. Once you know your numbers, its easier to see what you’re doing right so you can focus on areas of improvement and catch potential health problems in their early stages when they can be managed most effectively.


Types of Health Screenings Available:

  • Lipid Panel
  • CMP
  • CBC w/Differenential
  • Basic Thyroid Panel
  • Hgb A1c
  • Blood Sugar
  • 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Insulin
  • TSH
  • PTH

Ask about other Specific Lab Levels

Armed with results of blood level tests, you can work together with your physician and Kaup Pharmacy to avert serious health problems and achieve optimal health.

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