• Unparalleled  Breadth of Therapies

    Unparalleled Breadth of Therapies

    We provide medication, equipment, supplies and direct insurance billing to support any infusion therapy need.

Injectable Preparations for the following:

  • Urology
  • Pulmonary
  • Obstetrics/Gynecology
  • Hospice & Palliative Medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Neurology
  • Pain Management and more

Common Infusion Therapies:

  • Antibiotic/ Antimicrobial Therapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Enteral Nutrition
  • Hydration Therapy
  • Immune Globulin
  • Inotropic Therapy
  • Pain Management
  • Total Parenteral Nutrition
  • Specialty Medications

Pediatric To Adult Infusion Services

Our culture fits the patient’s lifestyle.

Just because someone is receiving Infusion Therapy does not have to mean a change in lifestyle or daily activites. Whenever possible, Kaup Pharmacy strives to make the infusion therapy regimen fit as seamlessly as possible into the patient’s current lifestyle.

At Kaup Pharmacy a pharmacist will choose the delivery mode that is most convenient for each individual’s medication and dosage regimen. We use the latest technology in ambulatory pumps. They are lightweight, easy-to- use and accurate, so daily activities can be maintained.

All medications and supplies are delivered directly to the patient by Kaup Pharmacy Home Service Representatives.

Clinical Pharmacy Monitoring

In addition to providing education and care, expert pharmacy personnel perform evaluations and assessments of patient nutritional needs, pharmacokinetic dosing, patient’s clinical status, and treatment efficiency. Direct communication with the prescribing physician is ongoing throughout treatment so changes or adjustments to treatment can be made for the duration of infusion therapy.

What Makes Us Different:

We believe in Team: By using a multidisciplinary nutritional support team approach which includes: physicians, nurse practitioners, dietitians and pharmacists. Kaup Pharmacy has over 36 years of Infusion & experience and holds The Joint Commission's Gold Seal of Approval. The combined expertise of Gerald Kaup, RPh and Lorraine Kaup, RPh, along with the specialized team provides excellent exact mixing and pharmacy servicing.

Kaup Pharmacy: Infusion Services