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Caring for People like Family

Kaup Pharmacy full-service healthcare assists you in achieving your optimum quality of life. We hold the Gold Seal of Approval for Home Care from the Joint Commission, which means we are held to the highest clinical and regulatory standards for the industry.

Kaup Pharmacy is your local pharmacy, bringing state of the art pharmacy care to local communities. You'll find exceptional service, expert support and the attention you need to manage the health of you and your family.


Locations & Hours

Kaup Pharmacy - Fort Recovery

102 North Wayne Street Fort Recovery, OH 45846

Monday-Thursday: 9AM - 7PM

Friday: 9AM - 6PM

Saturday: 9AM - 4PM

Sunday: 11AM - 3PM

Phone Number: (800) 686-2314

Fax Number: (419) 375-4488

Kaup Pharmacy - Union City

366 West Deerfield Road Union City, IN 47390

Monday-Friday: 930AM - 6PM

Saturday: 930AM - 230PM

Sunday: Closed

Phone Number: (866) 366-5287

Fax Number: (765) 964-3093

Kaup Pharmacy - Arcanum

605 North Main Street Arcanum, OH, 45304

Monday: 930AM-7PM

Tuesday-Friday: 930AM - 530PM

Saturday: 930AM - 1230PM

Sunday: Closed

Phone Number: (800) 800-4905

Fax Number: (937) 692-5129

Kaup Pharmacy - Berne

104 W Main St Berne, IN 46711

Monday and Thursday: 7AM - 530PM

Tuesday-Wednesday and Friday: 930AM - 530PM

Saturday: 10AM - 1PM

Sunday: Closed

Phone Number: (855) 589-3330

Fax Number: (260) 589-3331

Kaup Pharmacy & Dependable Medical Equipment

1201 Commerce Street Fort Recovery, OH 45846

Monday - Friday: 8:30AM - 5:30PM

Saturday: 9AM - 1PM

Sunday: Closed

Phone Number: (866) 526-0976

Fax Number: (419) 375-9104

Kaup Pharmacy: Enhanced Health

110 East Butler Street Fort Recovery, OH 45846

Monday-Friday: 830AM - 430PM

Weekends: Closed

Phone Number: (800) 686-2314

Kaup Pharmacy: I.V. Services

110 East Butler Street Fort Recovery, OH 45846

Monday-Friday: 830AM - 430PM

Weekends: Closed

Phone Number: (800) 686-2314, ext 4

(419) 375-2367

Fax Number: 419-375-5500


Five-Star Customer Reviews

We pride ourselves on our Five-Star Customer Service rating. According to our surveys, our patients appreciate our "friendly staff" and "good service."

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