• Diabetes Won't Slow You Down

    Diabetes Won't Slow You Down

  • Kaup Pharmacy offers dedicated services for diabetic care and maintenance.
  • We offer a complete line of products including:
  • Syringes
  • Meters and Supplies
  • Diabetic Tube Feeding
  • Therapeutic Socks, Insoles and Diabetic Shoes

Continuous Glucose Monitor

Record Glucose Levels every 5 minutes to help you see the whole picture into how your diet, medication and daily activities affect your glucose levels. It quickly uncovers what works with you so you can better control your diabetes. Our Pharmacist consults with you and your healthcare provider on the results

Support Hose and Compression Stockings

Our broad selection of compression hose and socks are designed to fit your specific needs, and works to keep your blood flowing strong.

Are you at Risk for Circulation Issues?

  • Sit Or Stand Most Of The Day
  • Tired, swollen achy feet are a common side effect of our modern lifestyle. Compression stockings can help keep your feet and legs better.
  • Pregnant
  • If you are pregnant, you are more susceptible to developing varicose veins and at higher risk of leg blood clots known as Deep Vein Thrombosis, or DVT. Compression socks or support hose can help!
  • History Of Clots And Circulation Issues
  • Clots can be extremely painful, and even fatal. Wearing compressions stockings regularly can help prevent future trouble.
  • Recent Surgery
  • When your legs go unused for long periods in recovery, blood can and clot. Compression stockings or hose can help as you recover.

Diabetic Shoes

Kaup Pharmacy carries a full line of Diabetic therapeutic shoes. We will measure, fit and mold both shoes and inserts to fit your needs. Our reimbursement specialists will bill your diabetic shoes directly to Medicare, Medicaid and most Insurances. Come in and see for yourself the wide variety and great comfort that these shoes provide! Please give us a call at Kaup Pharmacy at 1-800- 686-2314 ext 164

Knowledge to Take Care of Your Health

We have blood panels available to test for A1c, Cholesterol, blood sugar and more.

Please give us a call at 1-800-686-2314 ext. 164